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Below are some links to pdf documents you may find informative.   Just click on each of the links.







The new Alliance Donor Center is now open!
7260 Blue Mound Rd., Suite #140


Right around the corner (to the left) from Kroger's

If you have any questions about your eligibility, please call 1-888-480-8200.

Another shopping deveopment is planned northwest of here.   The next development that is being worked on is at north Tarrant and 35w.   It's called North City.   There are plans for Pappadeaux, Lava Cantina and a place call Thirsty Lion.



A 19-building development is under construction in this North Fort Worth neighborhood

This is a rendering of the Victory Shops at Basswood, a retail development that will go in the southeast corner of Basswood Boulevard and Blue Mound Road.   The first buildings will be finished in spring 2019.

FORT WORTH - The southeast corner of Basswood Boulevard and North Blue Mound Road will soon be home to a new retail development called Victory Shops at Basswood.

Managed by the Segovia Retail Group, Shops at Basswood is a development that will spand over 26 acres.   It will include 19 buildings, one of the dedicated to a grocery store.   According to site plans, Lidl- a grocery chain based along the East coast, will go in the grocery space.

Other companies that are set to go in the space include: Chase Bank Jersey Mike's Subs, Chipotle, Verizon, Andy's Frozen Custard and Brakes Plus.

There will also be a Starbucks, which is open now.

The retail development is likely to be a huge draw for the 2,000 students at Saginaw High School, since the stores and restaurants will be right across North Blue Mound Road from the school.

The construction for the first building of the development will be complete early this year.

Here is the proposed layout of Victory Shops

Drop off for chemicals, paint, motor oil, smoke detectors, Styrofoam, etc.   301 Hillshire Dr. 76052

Drop Off Drop Off

Six tips for handling fall yard trimmings and brush

With fall in full swing, you probably have leaves that need to be raked and trees and shrubs that need to be trimmed.   Here are a few reminders from the city's Solid Waste Services Division about how to dispose of yard trimmings and brush.

  1. Bag it Place leaves, grass, clippings and other small trimmings in paper yard bags that can be purchased at grocery stores, hardware and garden stores.   Roll the paper yard bag top closed; don't staple or tape it to close it.   There is a 40-pound limit for yard waste bags.
  2. Bundle it
    Use string or twine to bundle shrub and tree trimmings.   Bundles should be no more than four feet long and weigh no more than 40 pounds.   People, not machines, pick these up by hand.   There is no limit on the number of tied bundles you can set out.
  3. Stack it
    Individual tree and shrub limbs up to eight feet long and four inches in diameter can be stacked at the curb on your weekly pickup day.   No plastic bags, garbage, bulk items, stumps or root balls are accepted in brush piles.   Root balls and stumps (maximum 18-inch diameter) can be placed in the bulk items pile.   To avoid collection charges, make sure piles do not exceed 10 cubic yards.
  4. Drop it off
    Residents can take brush to one of the city's four drop-off stations.   Find one at   The city recycles organic materials to make mulch, which helps save your watering costs and increases the beauty of your turf, trees and landscape beds.
  5. Compost it
    Learn more about backyard composting at   Or click here.
  6. Recycle it
    Use your blue recycling cart for items like cardboard, planting trays and plastic plant containers.   Put items like potting soil bags in your trash cart.

Styrofoam recycling now available in Fort Worth

Fort Worth residents can now recycle many items made of plastic foam - also known as Styrofoam or polystyrene - at any of the city's four drop-office stations.

Q. Why isn't plastic foam recyclable in my blue cart?

A. Plastic foam will break into very small pieces in the truck before it reaches the sorting facility.   Once it's broken into small pieces, it's nearly impossible to contain and sort into recycling.

Q. How does Styrofoam recycling work?

A. Styrofoam is densified by shredded, then compacted into logs called gaylords.   These logs are palletized and shipped off to be recycled into items like crown molding and picture frames.

Q. What kind of plastic foam are accepted?

A. Cups, coolers and foam ice chests; egg cartons; rigid packaging such as Styrofoam used for shipping and packing electronics and other items; to-go clamshell containers for food items.

Q. What's not accepted?

A. Peanuts; colored, dyed or treated Styrofoam; Construction/sliding foam; meat and food trays; flexible packing sheets; plastic or paper containers.  Remember: empty, clean and dry.   No contaminated items with food, grease or stains.

Q. Where are the drop-off stations located? (See above)

A. Find the nearest station online at

Comments from the webmaster.
It has been brought to my attention there has been several break-ins and car burglaries here in Alexandra Meadows.  Many of these have not been reported to the police for whatever reason.  If you experience or observe any criminal activity, please report it to the police.  You can use the police non-emergency number to report an incident.  (817) 392-4222 Give as much information as you are comfortable with, but report it.  Without that information the police have no idea of what is going on here in Alexandra Meadows.
If there is significant activity reported, the police will treat this area as a 'Hot Spot' and you will see more patrols here.

To see recent crime activity reported in our neighborhood, click on the Police Report button.

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