Handy phone numbers the home owners can use

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Phone #


Neighborhood Police Officer

Phone:   (817) 991-1309


Officer Exrem Halim

Spectrumam Property Manager

Phone:   (972) 236-6212
(972) 992-3444
(817) 900-1899 Jason


Report sprinkler water leaks or other problems

Oncore Power Delivery

(888) 313-4747

Report power failures or brown outs.

Garbage Pick-up

(817) 392-1234

neighborhoodDrop off for chemicals, paint, motor oil, smoke detectors, etc.   301 Hillshire Dr. 76052; only 6 miles away.

Transportation & Public Works (TPW)

(817) 392-8100

Traffic Signals, Street Signs and Street Light Repair
When reporting a streetlight, you only need to give the street name and the closest house number.

Graffiti Removal

(817) 392-2700
(817) 392-2702

If you see graffiti anywhere in Fort Worth, you can do something about it at no cost to you.   Your taxes pay for this service.   Contact the city Parks & Community Services Department Graffiti Abatement Program.   neighborhood   Click on the graphic to go directly to their website for complete information.

Fort Worth Police non-emergency

(817) 392-4222

Report suspicious activity, parking violation

Blue Mound Police non-emergency

(817) 232-0661

Just a note to Alexandra Meadows residents who live on the south side of Kristen Ct., or south of that point along the west side of Kristen Dr. and Missy Ln.   That unkempt drainage ditch/flood plain on the other side of your back fence is the part of the City of Blue Mound and recently deeded to Alexandra Meadows by D.R. Horton.   If you should need to contact the police in that city for any reason, they will deny that fact and state it is Fort Worth property...   it is not.

Fort Worth Animal Control

(817) 392-3737

For health reasons, each property in Fort Worth is limited to a total of three cats or dogs over the age of eight weeks.   All pets must also be registered with the city and have current vaccinations.   Report feral cats. Animal Issues/Complaint Form

Fort Worth Road Construction

(817) 392-7210

Questions about future road construction

Fort Worth Code Compliance
Robert (Bob) Naughton
E-mail:   robert.naughton@forthworthtexas.gov
Mobile (817) 210-7898

Bernard Triche
E-mail:   bernard.triche@forthworthtexas.gov
Mobile (817) 944-4261

(817) 392-1234

Tall grass, Trash and Debris, Junk Vehicles or vehicles parked in the yard

Fort Worth Code Compliance
Health Permit/Complaints

(817) 392-7255

Fort Worth Code Compliance
Legal Aid of Northwest Texas

(817) 336-3943

Fort Worth Code Compliance
Municipal Courts

(817) 392-6700

Fort Worth Code Compliance
The Paint Bank - PACS

(817) 395-2700

Fort Worth Code Compliance
Parking Violations

(817) 392-6742

Fort Worth Code Compliance
Permits/Building Permits

(817) 392-2222

Blue Mound Code Compliance
Kenneth Battle
Code Enforcement

Cell: (817) 944-4656
Office: (817) 232-0661
301 Blue Mound Rd.
E-mail:   kbattle@@bluemoundtexas.us

Code Enforcement

Call before you dig!

Dial 811 from cellphone

Utility companies will come out and mark your yard to show where lines are buried.


Jack D. Watson US Post Office

(817) 378-0759

Our Post Office is located at 4600 Mark IV Parkway Fort Worth, TX 76161
Our mail actually comes from 4909 NE Parkway (ZIP 76106).   This is a building behind the post office.   To report problems with mail service, call (817) 378-0759

Below is a map to the location.   Use this map to inquire about your designated mail box location, if you are a new resident.   You may also register a complaint or pick up keys for your mail box here. USPS

Informed Delivery

(800) 344-7779

Call this number if you have questions about the USPS informed delivery website, or if you are getting confusing entries on this site.


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